Animal Scramble

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Animal Scramble is a simple children's game that is intended to teach children to spell the names of barnyard animals. Since we're not experts in child-learning, it's not really known if this is an effective learning tool.

Animal Scramble was written to demonstrate some simple Human Computer Interaction principles that were learned in Computer Science 474 at the University of Western Ontario. Proper application of these principles should result in a straight forward, intuitive interface that requires almost no instructions to play. Download it and take a look for yourself.

The design of the game was done by:
Chris Anderson
Sean Currington
Keith Klages
Trevor Maynard
Gordon Melvin and
Dan Santoni

Implementation was done by:
Gordon Melvin and
Dan Santoni

The game was written in C# .NET.

System Requirements:
1Ghz or faster processor
800x600 or higher resolution monitor
Windows 2000 (with the .NET Runtime installed) or Windows XP
Note: If you have Windows XP you will need version 1.1 of the .NET runtime enviroment

Installation Instructions:
Simply extract the files in the ZIP file to a directory of your choice, and then double click the 'AnimalScramble' icon! Make sure you preserve the path names when you extract the files, otherwise the game will not work properly.

To uninstall the game, just delete the files that you extracted. That's it!
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